A la Campagne Spring Collection 2012

Dear Collectors,

As the world seems to move ever faster, it is uplifting to find continued passion among our collectors for quality artworks of timeless beauty and lasting value. It is a perfect time to enhance your home with a painting by one of these skillful painters.

Pioneers of their time, each of these Post-Impressionist masters gave the world an exciting new voice that is still fresh and relevant today.

If you spend some time with these paintings, they will reward you: the dreamlike ambience of Oudot, rendered with a subtle, delicate touch; the effervescent colors in Rigaud’s remarkable synthesis of Impressionism and Pointillism; the instinctive draftsmanship and painterly brushwork of Hervé.

Hanging right alongside these museum caliber paintings are the vivid neo-Impressionist works of contemporary artist Luc Didier, whose generous, passionate paintings continue to impress us by their distinctive style and evocative detail.

And Françoise Gilot, who at age 90 continues to captivate us, gives us three stunning prismatic interpretations of nature from her innovative Forest series.

As we approach our 40th anniversary we like to think we have stood the test of time as well as these artworks. Quality, as they say, never goes out of style.

We invite you to visit our website for a complete inventory, or contact us directly to let us help you select the right piece for your home.

It’s how great collections begin.

A la Campagne Spring Collection 2012